ParaCloud GEM

Generative Design Tool

Today, I want to show generative design tool called 'Paracloud GEM'.
This software is very useful when we make curtainwalls or structures. Furthermore, we can easily generate building facade.
If I go back to school, I'm going to buying academic one.


GEM Features

Smart Mesh Editing
Subdivide and deform the faces of polygon surfaces with smart editing tools. Use selection sets and points of interest to enhance and control your modeling process. GEM powerful new subdivisions and mesh editing tools enable you to achieve stunning effects with incredible simplicity.

Rule-Based Modeling
GEM offers rule-based tools for offsetting, deforming, and mapping your geometry. The rule-based tools allow transformations according to target, height and focus points. The rule interpolation is defined by an editable ratio graph offering flexible control.

Dynamic Containers
GEM converts the polygon faces of a surface into dynamic volumetric containers by creating an offset reference surface. GEM introduces new and improved offset tools including normal offset, projection offset and rule-based offset according to points of interest or height.


Mapping Components
GEM supports up to 10 different components in a single file. The components can be applied according to selection or rule-based mapping. Increasing the number of components adds richness and possibilities to your design. Create rule-based face maps for components population based on points of interest (targets), height or randomly scatter components within the dynamic containers.


Mesh Subdivision Tools
Additional subdivision tools are introduced in version 3.0 includes variable modes of operations. The subdivisions can be assigned by proximity to targets, randomly or using a fixed value. All subdivisions can be assigned by Face Map or globally.

Face Edit Tools
The face editing tools were extended. The new tools includes additional control for the face echo command, echo a single edge, squeeze points, shifting faces and peeling a point normal to the face. The face tools can be assigned by proximity to targets, randomly or using fixed values.

Face Map Tools
The new face map tools include Checkerboard, Alternate Map, Sequence Map and First Ten options. The mapping tools makes it easier to handle components population and separating the mesh file for Ribs output.

Unfolded Components Layout for 3D Printing / Shop Drawings
The unfolded layout tool aligns the mesh faces to the Top Plane of the World Coordinate System. This tool creates an organized output for 3D printing or CNC milling of the components. The assembly sequence is documented in a separate DXF file containing the Face ID and Assembly Markers.

The Ribs option allows creating 3D ribs structures along the mesh edges or diagonals. A notching system is created automatically by specifying the material thickness. The Ribs output can be easily unfolded in your CAD system for Laser Cutting.

Action Sequencer
The action sequencer provides an editable parametric control over the modeling activity in a GEM session. The sequencer documents the tools and parameters used and allow editing the values. The sequence can be applied to the same mesh or to a new mesh loaded into GEM.

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